We are a group of passionate business-savvy people who realized small businesses & professionals do not have the time and resources to market themselves while running a business.

Whether your website needs some updating or your social media account remains untouched, let’s utilize these tools together to become a true resource. If you are open to innovative ideas, creativity, and growth we encourage you to reach out to us today.

63.6% of consumers said they are likely to check Google reviews before visiting a business. 

Build your reputation with positive reviews-  because the . easiest way to get them, is to just ask!

Utilize our comprehensive, customizable email template to get the 5-star results your customers have been looking for.

We build the most user friendly Websites with Focus on engagement

Social Media

Nearly all small businesses agree that social media marketing pays off. 


Endless Growth

People enjoy the authenticity and personalization of small businesses. The casual 24/7 platform of social media allows you to boost these relationships at any time or place.

Not Enough hours in the day

Take Control

Never forget to post again, we understand that business owners do not have the time and resources to constantly be online.  We take this into careful consideration when curating posts to your needs. 


Share Your Company

An consistent social media account boosts credibility of your business. While keeping your customers up to date on the news of your company, you also have a direct stream of communication to your ideal customers. 


Content Creation

By posting content, your business boosts exposure and increases SEO traffic. When the content posted is well thought-out and high-quality, people trust and value your business even more. 

Web & SEO

A website is the always available digital business card about your business. 


Website Design

A website is essential for every business, but a really good one separates you from any competition out there.


Optimize your businesses appearance in an organic manner. The right keywords and tactics will boost your search ranking.


Analytics allow you to track your customer feedback. With data and insights you understand can what people are searching for.

Marketing & Business Strategy

We win when our customers win. Let us help guide you through the never ending transitions in business.


Whether you are starting a business or have been open for a decade, an effective brand strategy gives a major edge to any competition.


We tailor services to your industry that help promote & advertise your business.

Marketing Campaigns

Looking for a boost in business? We can increase the consumer awareness of a particular product of service with a personalized campaign.

Account Consolidation

Does your business have incorrect information on the web? Would you like to update your LinkedIn account to reflect accurately? We are happy to help!


Our strong problem-solving and planning skills will help you solve the problems your business is facing.

Project Implementation

Just getting started is the most important step toward your goal. But it’s also the hardest. We can help you plan and implement the project you have been trying to make happen.

Our Portfolio

We Deliver Personalized Results Based Around Your Business.

What are people saying?

Opanova took a genuine interest in learning about my company. Aja was easy to work with and explained the entire process beginning to end. My business continues to benefit from this service.
Bryan Thomas
The Law offices of bryan thomas
Simply the best! Aja is amazingly awesome!!
Art Koulian
Koulian Jewelers

Research Supports Our Mission

Marketing is the bridge between you and your customers. It’s important to know the tools to help your business succeed. 

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Of Small business owners face marketing challenges
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Of marketers say social media marketing increases business exposure
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Out of 10 Small business owners are able to keep track of the ROI of social media activites

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About us

Crafting Digital Experiences​

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Our Mission

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Our Vision

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Aja Miyamoto

Founder & Creative director

Aja has always had a passion for understanding how to run a business. At the age of six, she was running a cash register at her mother’s small retail business in Grandview, Ohio. Aja studies Journalism at The Ohio State University. She focuses to understand the best tactics to relay information and engage people through the web. 

As a lifelong learner and creative, she pursues to help others with a go getter, “just do it” lifestyle.

Valerie Keiter

Marketing director

With over thirteen years of experience in Sales & Customer Service, Val’s dedication shines through her work. Her degree in Business Management and understanding of customer engagement provides the knowledge written in the Opanova Blog.

Valerie has always dreamed of being part of a business with the mission to help others achieve improved levels of success.

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Phone: (614) 815-6975
Email: aja@opanova.co